Derivita is an education technology company based in Salt Lake City, Utah founded in 2017 by Devlin Daley, co-founder of Instructure (NASD: INST) and Ryan Brown, former Google engineer. While working with hundreds of higher education institutions, Devlin discovered that there was a significant need for better math homework software.


Derivita provides a powerful computer algebra system that supports deeper and more complicated question types. In addition, it offers an elegant user interface improving the teacher and student experience. Derivita can also be used with any publisher’s textbook and open education resource (OER) and seamlessly integrates with the school’s learning management system (LMS).

Devlin Daley

Co-Founder and CEO

Before Derivita, Devlin was Co-Founder of Instructure, well known for their EdTech product, Canvas. He started the company during his graduate years at BYU. Instructure is the leading provider of learning software globally.

In 2017 Devlin started Derivita, a company striving to make math education more accessible after visiting hundreds of schools and seeing the problems teachers and students encountered with their math homework software. 


Devlin has five kids and spends his free time trying to help his wife stay sane when he’s not on a scout campout with one of his 4 boys. He’s mastered #dadjokes and has recently been adding #mathjokes.

Ryan Brown

Co-Founder and CTO

Ryan is Co-Founder and CTO. Before Derivita, Ryan worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Google for 10 years. He led projects such as App Engine, Vanadium Security, and Web Search UI. He presented at Google’s first conference in Egypt and Jordan regarding his project-App Engine.


Ryan is currently working on a Master of Music in Music Production from Berklee College of Music.

He also hails as his own general contractor, making over his basement into a music studio. His garage serves as his own personal hanger where he’s building a plane that Devlin’s hoping to use as Derivita’s private jet.

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