When students consistently struggle to get the right answer, Derivita shows them how to correctly solve the problem. Derivita will immediately give the student another, similar question. This process goes on until the student has mastered the skill.


Teachers can see at a glance what topics need more instruction in class. No private information is displayed so you can show it on the projector in front of the room.

Teacher Dashboard

About 94% of students said they want to use their mobile devices in class for academic purposes, and teachers are catching up to that number. That’s why our mobile interface is the best out there.


All of our questions create automatic randomizations of itself making sure students attempt a unique question each time. This helps with the learning and mastery process.


Derivita automatically creates a scalable typeset version of your equations, so you can zoom in, zoom out, and change your contrast settings.

Your students, teachers, and authors can use whatever assistive technology they need.


We provide question banks for you, but if you ever want to edit or create your own questions, the equation editor is graphical, powerful, and empowering.


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