FAQ for Students

How do students get access to Derivita?

If the professor is using Derivita in their course, students will automatically get access to Derivita right within the learning management system. Homework will show up as "Assignments". Students will click on the assignment that they want to complete and that will automatically launch the Derivita tool so they can begin doing their homework.

How do students pay for Derivita?

Derivita makes it easy for students to have access to their homework and also pay for access right within the Derivita application.


When a student goes into a Derivita assignment for the first time, they will see this message letting them know that they have access to a 14 day trial. To make a payment they will click on the “UPGRADE” button.

The student will then be directed to a payment window where they can pay with a credit card.

After the student enters their credit card information and clicks on the “Pay” button, they will see another window showing that the payment has been accepted.

If an error message appears because the credit card was declined, the student can double check the information and try processing the credit card again.

If for any reason, the student does not complete payment within the 14 day trial period, they will see a message that the trial has expired and that they will not receive any credit for the homework that they have completed until payment is made. Once the student has made payment, credit for homework completed will be granted retroactively. 

We highly recommend that students upgrade their account prior to the end of the 14 day trial period to avoid any

confusion or issues.


If there are any additional issues that students run into while trying to make a payment, please contact support@derivita.com or fill out this form below. We usually get back to you within a couple of days.

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