Technology is a tool and shouldn't get in your way of teaching.


That's why we built Derivita.

Full Fidelity Mathematics

Derivita can detect differences in properties and forms of math expressions and target feedback based on what you are trying to teach.

Edit and Create Questions with Live Playground

Live Playground allows you to edit any question or even create your own in an easy to use and efficient way.

Disaster Recovery

Derivita runs across multiple data centers and automatically shifts traffic to stay available.


Derivita works on mobile phones because students work on their mobile phones.

Real Time Typesetting

Speed matters. Derivita interprets and typesets student answers in real-time.



Built for scale and stability from day one.

Single Sign-On

We use LTI to integrate with your LMS and seamlessly send grades to the gradebook

Book View

Easy to navigate and see all your questions at a glance.

Seamless Updates

No downtime for updates. We check all questions with the new code before updates go online to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Modern Security

Encryption in transit, encryption at rest, and encryption in the data center.

World Class Network

Google Cloud provides us with the fastest network in the world in terms of throughput, bandwidth and latency.

No Maintenance Windows 

You’re welcome.

Automated Provisioning

Server resources are added only when needed. We can handle more users accessing the system than you can send at us.

Computer Algebra Language

Derivita can actually do math. Symbolic algebra, rational expressions, numerical evaluation. We got it all covered.

Securely Extensible

If a technology can run in a browser it can be securely integrated into Derivita questions.

Teacher Dashboard

Teachers can see at a glance what topics need more instruction in class. No private information is displayed so you can show it on the projector in front of the room.

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